Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Well, having been unable to use our Countryman since last September because of the weather, we are now considering buying a caravan.   We don't have a lot of money so we have to be careful that we get the right van for our needs. There's so much choice but I have decided which layout will suit us, but getting one at the right price is proving very difficult.  It seems that the best prices are "up north" which is not a big problem except that if we find any faults with the van then it would be difficult to keep running back to  the dealers
Keep fingers crossed that we get what we want!!


  1. What sort of layout were you thinking of going for? We would recommend a fixed bed layout, saves having to make beds up everyday!
    Jools And "M" @

  2. Hi,
    I've been following your blog - living the dream!! We decided on twin dinette, with the option to use the front as singles or double & the end dinette converting to a double which could be made up & left as a bed.We have a 10 year old daughter so we'll use whatever combination suits us at the time. We found one in a dealer close by & after looking at it on the internet for most of the week we went to look at it on Friday. Its got everything we wanted - awning(porch),motor mover,Winterhoff stabiliser,2 x gas bottles,Electric lead & much more. When they offered us £500 off the price before we even had a chance to haggle we snapped it up. We will be picking it up about mid-April after its had its service & valet. Can't wait!!