Saturday, 5 November 2011


After putting off the sale of our Countryman I finally decided it was time to sell it on and advertised it on 2 websites.  Within a few hours I'd already had one enquiry and after speaking on the phone we arranged a viewing for the next evening. It was just what he was looking for so, deposit paid & countryman went off to its new home the following weekend! I can honestly say I don't miss it but I do have fond memories of our outings and enjoy looking at the photos of our trips out in it.

We are still dleighted with our caravan and have enjoyed 10 trips so far, mainly weekends but also a couple of 4 night meets and a week long holiday. We've really got into "field meets" (something we'd never have considered in the camper)  with the C&CC and have mets lots of people who are becoming friends. We've also met up with a family who posted on the UKCS forum who were looking for pals to camp with.  They have a daughter the same age as ours and a dog so we have a fair bit in common to get the conversation going and after one get together we are hoping to meet up again very soon.

If we don't get any ice or snow during the coming week we're planning one more weekend away - in Sixpenny Handley - which is a club meet with evening entertainment so looking forward to that especially if our new friends can make it too.

I have a full calendar of possible gatherings ready for next year and can't wait to hitch up & go!!