Monday, 6 December 2010

Conway Countryman

Having scoured the internet & joined various clubs I have discovered that in truth, there are no organisations which are solely for folding campers except perhaps the Pennine Group (which we can't join as we're Conway).  Having owned a Conway Countryman for 3 years I  joined the Conway Owners group & excitedly looked forward to joining them on a weekend rally.  I was disappointed in my dream of rows of folding campers & trailer tents to find half of the members were in caravans.  Never mind, maybe the TTFCG (trailer tents & folding camper group) section of the C&CC would meet my needs.  Apparently not - their website admits that they don't always have a lot of TT's or FC's but their members had previously camped in them so would be able to help with any problems etc

Oh well, meets/rallies aren't really our "thing", but I still think it would be good to camp with units similar to ours. We've enjoyed our camping & got to chat to lots of other people as you do on a campsite but it would be nice to belong to a small group of other FC owners.

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